Sunday, August 30, 2009

What happens when I leave the diaper cream in Christian's reach you ask?

Well even though you might not have asked here is the story anyway. I regret not grabbing the camera before cleanup.
While organizing Catherine's school clothes, the kids were in the living room alone. No big deal except I left Christian's diaper cream (triple paste = very thick white cream) in his reach. Next thing I know I have Catherine screaming to me that he has the cream all over him. I run to the living room to find Christian's leg and hands covered in cream. Also the couch has a few new white spots on it.
I am proud of myself. I did not yell at him, after all it was my fault for leaving it there, I just simply laughed and said OH MAN the whole time I cleaned him and the couch up, which were not easy tasks!


  1. BEEN THERE... that stuff is such a pain to get off... esp. when it's in the ears.

  2. Sometimes the only thing you *can* do is laugh. LOL!