Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Christian finally better?

So after the 2 puking incidents he had many many diapers of diarrhea. However that seems to be over and he may be sleeping everything off now. Let's hope Catherine does not get this and if she does let's have her be done with it before her first day of school please!


  1. If it makes you feel any better... my boy's got the holy runs too... but that's what i get for taking him blueberry picking.
    Wonder if his poop will ever be brown again?

  2. Oh man. That would be crappy timing. LOL no pun intended.

  3. keri- it usually takes christian a few days after blueberries and that is with a small portion... good luck LOL

    ok ladies, he puked again tonight...immediately following dinner this time, had rye bread for the first time and loved it...could it be an allergy? i thought he was done with the virus b/c no vomitting or diarrea for 48 hours!

  4. How much did he have? Maybe he just overfilled his belly?