Monday, May 18, 2009

New form of push ups

So I have decided to do a few things to make my arms look better for Alison's wedding if nothing else is going to look better LOL. So among the few exercises I decided to do some push ups. (Do not get impressed all that much b/c they are the push ups where you are on your knees). So there I am doing my first set and Christian climbs on my back and sits there while I complete them. Nothing like having an extra 25 lbs on my back.
So Catherine and I made our way to the Canton Nature Center for a field trip with her class. We were all sitting in a circle when the woman presented us with what I thought was a frog and asked the class if this was a frog or a toad. They answered toad and she proceeded to ask how to tell the difference. So Catherine informed the woman and class that toads have small bumps on their back and they jump small and frogs are smooth and jump big. I was impressed and kinda even gloated for a minute until the woman told Catherine very good and asked who taught her that and Catherine's response was Go Diego Go on Nickelodeon.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some of my kids best friends! (pictures taken January 09)

These are my friend Alison's kids.
Gracie is pictured with Christian. They are exactly 2 weeks apart! Funny story. We were due exactly 2 weeks apart from each other. Well then they decided to induce Alison 10 days early. I was happy for her but sad in the sense that our kids would be farther apart than they were planned to be. Then 10 days before I was due Christian came!

Here is Olivia with Catherine. Not sure why my child cannot smile normal when I am taking her picture but oh well. Catherine and Olivia did not meet as immediately as Christian and Gracie but they met when Catherine was just a few weeks old and Olivia was almost 5 months. So they are not as close in age...but they still get along great!
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Saturday, May 9, 2009


Today the kids went to a fishing derby. Christian got the first fish...Catherine name her 2 fish Lunch and Dinner. Pictures to follow shortly.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Christian's new routine

Not a fun one.
Every night this week he has woken up at 3 Am to eat and to have me read a book and play. He then goes back to sleep. I want to let him cry it out instead of getting him but that means we need to convince Catherine to move back into her room (something we planned on helping her do when she turned 5 by making it a big deal that she was 5 and needed her own room).

It begins...she is only (almost 5)

Yesterday and today Catherine lied to me. Yesterday she came downstairs and I asked her if she had picked up her toys before coming back downstairs and she said yes. Last night we went up to bed and sure enough the toys were still on the floor. Then this morning while I was paying bills at the computer she got up from the table to play in the living room. I asked if she finished her Plum Smart (the only way my poor girl stays regular without medication) and she said yes. I went into the kitchen after and her unfinished juice was sitting on the table.

P.S. The no pull ups is not going great...however I am going to keep trying and hope that when I return to hell I mean work on Monday night Jason is willing to take over.

Funny Catherine Story

So this morning when I dropped off Catherine at school her teacher (who seems to really have grown fond of her these past few months) passed on a conversation that her and Catherine had the other day while lined up outside waiting to go back in:
Catherine: Mrs Becker I cannot go to her house, I am allergic to cats and you have a cat.
Mrs. Becker: well Cath (that is what she has nicknamed her b/c that is what she calls her daughter Catherine) your mom and Christian can come in and you can go outside and wait.
Catherine (b/c she needs to always have the last say) Well you could just put your cat outside.

Please note...I am not really sure if she is allergic to cats. We were at a friends house that has a big furry cat along with a big shaggy carpet and after playing there for a few hours had difficulty breathing. No tests have been officially done.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

If I had not just been counting quarters and nickels out to make sure my checking account stayed out of the negative I would definitely buy this!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How do babies taste buds work?

So does it really take a half a dozen bites or so for a baby to determine that he actually does not like what he is eating? I am thinking so...simply because Christian has done this several times. He has taken several bites of Mac&Cheese and Peanut Butter Sandwiches two of the worlds kid friendliest and easiest lunches and then decides nope I do not like that anymore. Drives me crazy. And besides heating up the stove every lunch time is getting a bit silly especially because all he eats there is Chicken Nuggets and French Fries.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

No pull ups

So tonight will be an attempt to break Catherine from her pull ups. I am having her go to the bathroom every few hours during the day (or else she will hold it and therefore pee while sleeping) and cutting off liquids 2 hours before bedtime and waking her before I go to bed. I have 10 nights before going back to work. Wish us luck!

Christian's first snow experience (taken 1/09)

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Christian's First Sprinkler Experience (taken 4/09)

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Which Baby Is This?

This picture when I first came upon it on a screen saver had me stumped. I could not figure out which kid it was. Catherine or Christian. Well after the suggestion from Dawn to go to my Picaso and look up the date I found it to be Catherine. However at that age (6 weeks) that is what Christian looked like to a tee!
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Now this is much better LOL

So at the dinner table Catherine began to sing "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands". So I started to sing along. She stopped mid song and said "Wait a minute Mommy how do you know that song?" So I proceeded to explain to her that I also went to a religious school when I was her age and that her Auntie Dawn also went to school with me there and that is when she and I met. So needless to say at least she is learning the religious stuff that I do want her to learn and my money is feeling better spent.And a side note especially for Dawn, Catherine was very upset that I went to school in Florida because she said you could never have lived here in Connecticut because she thought you would be too cold!

Seriously is this where my money is going?

Now do not get me wrong...Catherine has learned a lot at preschool. However there are days I feel she has learned too much. Just days when I am being lectured by a 4 1/2 year old. Like yesterday. I am guessing Earth Day was either yesterday or very close to yesterday because I picked Catherine up and all she talked about all day was recycle and reuse. Oh and did I get into trouble when I threw something in the trash that could have been recycled. LOLWell then out of the blue she started to tell me smoking is bad (no one in our family smokes) and that everyone in the world needs to quit (which I agree with simply because I cannot stand the smell of it when I walk by someone who is smoking) and that she is going to help everyone quit smoking by giving them smoking medicine. Of course these 2 new kicks come after the police girl Catherine and nutrition specialist Catherine.She is a trip.And I can't wait for Kindergarten. Where it is all about learning what she needs to learn!