Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some of my kids best friends! (pictures taken January 09)

These are my friend Alison's kids.
Gracie is pictured with Christian. They are exactly 2 weeks apart! Funny story. We were due exactly 2 weeks apart from each other. Well then they decided to induce Alison 10 days early. I was happy for her but sad in the sense that our kids would be farther apart than they were planned to be. Then 10 days before I was due Christian came!

Here is Olivia with Catherine. Not sure why my child cannot smile normal when I am taking her picture but oh well. Catherine and Olivia did not meet as immediately as Christian and Gracie but they met when Catherine was just a few weeks old and Olivia was almost 5 months. So they are not as close in age...but they still get along great!
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  1. kinda scary that we all have our kidlets in the SAME time period... sheesh...

  2. So sweet! I love kids and their little "best friends"! :-)

  3. I am cracking up at Gracie & Christian with their coordinated binkies! And the two big girls make me laugh. That's a LOT of personality in that second photo. ;-) I have to say: my friends make some cute babies. =)