Friday, September 11, 2009

Halloween Costumes

So this is the first year I let Catherine pick whatever she wanted to be. In the past she has worn costumes that will be passed down to her brother (unisex ones). This year she chose Thumblelina...she is addicted to Barbie stuff and this was one of Barbie's most recent movie. Christian chose Thomas the Train...however after seeing the total of the two I may return his and see if Catherine's monkey fits or if her bumblebee fits. Will keep you posted!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Christian hard at work

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First day of Kindergarten! Taken 8/31/09

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Zoo trip (pictures take 8/09)

So maybe it is all my trips to Animal Kingdom because quite frankly when you see take pictures of those animals visit after visit (yes I am spoiled thanks to having "family" down at Disney) all I like to take pictures of the zoo are my own animals and well here a few extra thanks to Keri, Ava, Gavin, and my nieces joining us:

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I can do it too! (photos taken 7/09)

After Christian got a sight of Catherine brushing her teeth in the bathroom with water and all that is exactly how he wanted to do it from that point forward...boy can he make a mess!

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Catherine's new bike (photos taken 7/09)

Here is Catherine's first 2 wheeler experience:

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The "new" sandbox (photos taken 7/09)

Jason's parents found this sandbox for Catherine the year we moved into the house...that was 2005! This summer was the first summer we put it to use:

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I will post pictures soon...I promise

The first day of getting on the bus went so smoothly! Even better I do not have to worry about rushing at least on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings because I get out at 7:00 no problem and the bus comes to our driveway instead of at the bus stop because she is in Kindergarten and not even until 8:10! She will get off at our driveway around 11:50! I still have to talk to my boss about getting out at 7:00 on Thursday and Fridays. Fingers crossed again!