Monday, August 31, 2009

First day jitters

So tomorrow is Catherine's first day of Kindergarten. She is nervous and excited. I am very excited but mostly nervous but it has nothing to do with her and her day. It has to do with the bus and if I will make it home on time to get to see her getting onto the bus for the first time ever and off to her first day of Kindergarten. So please send a few prayers our way that everyone gets into work tomorrow morning when they are supposed to and earlier would be great so I can get on the road right at 7:00 and hopefully have a smooth ride back home and hopefully be back at home no later than 7:45!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Peace and Quiet

Christian is sitting in his highchair eating a banana and Catherine is sitting at the table eating a peach! Mommy is typing at the computer! Wish we could stay like this all day. But as I hear the bowl from his banana drop on the floor I know it is done. Oh well, my guess is I would run out of things to type and read anyway.

What happens when I leave the diaper cream in Christian's reach you ask?

Well even though you might not have asked here is the story anyway. I regret not grabbing the camera before cleanup.
While organizing Catherine's school clothes, the kids were in the living room alone. No big deal except I left Christian's diaper cream (triple paste = very thick white cream) in his reach. Next thing I know I have Catherine screaming to me that he has the cream all over him. I run to the living room to find Christian's leg and hands covered in cream. Also the couch has a few new white spots on it.
I am proud of myself. I did not yell at him, after all it was my fault for leaving it there, I just simply laughed and said OH MAN the whole time I cleaned him and the couch up, which were not easy tasks!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kindergarten Orientation

Tonight at 5:00! Maybe I will get the insight of why they insist on such a short day for these kids. I really wish I lived in a town that did full day or could afford to do catholic school for the first year.
Oh well.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Christian finally better?

So after the 2 puking incidents he had many many diapers of diarrhea. However that seems to be over and he may be sleeping everything off now. Let's hope Catherine does not get this and if she does let's have her be done with it before her first day of school please!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Warning this will be gross, especially to banana haters!

So can my kid tell the future or what?
Here is what took place less than 10 minutes ago.
Christian was laying on the floor in here while I was online chatting with a friend. I asked him if he wanted to go to bed or for a walk. He chose walk. I get him up and I go to say to Catherine shut the tv off because we are going for a walk. She replies with What? Christian threw up? I said NO WE ARE GOING FOR A WALK.
Fast forward 3 seconds later while I am putting my shoes on to go for said walk and Christian starts throwing up his breakfast of bananas and yogurt. Needless to say, walk postponed and Christian is in bed!

Monday, August 24, 2009

No Daycare For the Kids

So after much discussion (ok really yelling but shhh) it has been decided that since I do not have a first shift job we will not put the kids in daycare. It would be costing us 352.00 a week and well I take home a bit less some weeks and a just a teeny bit more other weeks. I have decided that if I do get an offer for an interview I will have to decline at this point because if I am at home Catherine is in morning kindergarten and if she is at daycare she is in afternoon kindergarten and I do not want to switch her up halfway through. So another 9 months at least home continues.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Once again I ask how do I not have a drinking problem?

Today at Stop and Shop with Catherine and Christian. Help me Lord Jesus, I am trying hard not to pull them out of the car carriage and smack them both! It would not be nearly as bad except the folks commenting either directly to me or even worse the ones that cannot face me and snidely say something to someone else like "that is why people should not bring kids to the grocery store". Well to that stupid BITCH...hire me a babysitter I can trust and you can pay the 15.00 an hour she gets and I will leave the kids at home.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The girl is definately a hunter

So I am sure I have shared in the past the love for animals Catherine has...I am not talking cats and dogs, I am talking deer and pigs...I am not talking Bambi and Babe I am talking lunch and dinner. Well it was once again proven today she will be hunting with her father soon enough. Jason called us all upstairs this morning to watch a doe eat the food he had laid out. Well all was silent and Catherine and Jason exchange these words:
Catherine: daddy what are you waiting for...get your gun and shoot her
Jason: it is not hunting season yet honey
Catherine: that's ok we won't tell, she will probably be gone by hunting season so you better get her now
Jason: no, i need to wait
Catherine: oh ok then.

Summer is winding down

Camp is all over, time to relax.
A trip to the zoo with Keri, Julie and all the kids on Monday!
Daycare starts for both kids on the 31st
Catherine's big day at school is the 1st!
Really so first shift job I am ready for you to fall out of the sky and into my lap!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Attention any grandmas that may read this (not sure if there is any but just in case):
Please note there is a difference between spoiling the grand kids and just going against what mom has told them! I will accept after dinner when it is close to bedtime and you give them oreos after I have told them no...however when I say no to junk food before dinner (10 minutes before dinner) and you ignore me and then dinner is not eaten that really ticks me off!
That is all. Thank you for listening to my vent.
So I spank Christian because he is once again screeching and well I am hoping a good smack will get him to realize that it is not OK to do that indoors and what does Catherine do, she hugs him and takes the boo boo away. Funniest part less than 24 hours ago she was wishing him away because she did not love him.
Why does my 5 year old talk like a valley girl?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The end of swimming

So yesterday, after the lifeguard and I had to save the poor girl because she hit a dip in the sand out in the water, Catherine had an amazing swim lesson! I was so proud of her. Well today was a 40/60 flop. She did well for some but not most.
Next week is back to one final week of camp.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Swimming week 1

So I did not realize I did not post about the rest of her swimming. Well besides learning to blow bubbles it really was not anything productive. Yes she learned to kick in the water but without the kick board she could not do it and whenever the teacher looked away from her she walked instead. That was day 2. Day 3 because of work :( I was later for her lesson. So she went to the later one instead. Well that was very unproductive. Instead of swimming out to the dock like everyone else she got a ride on the life guards board and I am pretty sure she only jumped into the water from the dock once into the teachers arms and none by herself.
Let's see what week 2 brings starting tomorrow.
What can you really expect for $20 a week. Maybe I will look into something more real this winter at a Y!


It has been decided that I will be putting them in daycare starting on the 31st of this month. Mainly because I am trying very hard to find a 1st shift job at work. I just cannot do this 3rd shift with little sleep anymore. I have yet to tell Catherine. I think (well hope) she will be excited. Christian is going to have a huge problem however I am hoping it does not last long.
This leads to my very picky eaters. Last time Catherine was in daycare she was young enough for the Gerber Graduates so lunch was easy. Now not so much and well she will not be as hard but still difficult as Christian. Him, not sure what I will send for lunch besides chicken nuggets every day. We shall see.