Saturday, August 15, 2009

Once again I ask how do I not have a drinking problem?

Today at Stop and Shop with Catherine and Christian. Help me Lord Jesus, I am trying hard not to pull them out of the car carriage and smack them both! It would not be nearly as bad except the folks commenting either directly to me or even worse the ones that cannot face me and snidely say something to someone else like "that is why people should not bring kids to the grocery store". Well to that stupid BITCH...hire me a babysitter I can trust and you can pay the 15.00 an hour she gets and I will leave the kids at home.


  1. I would have said that aloud to the woman...i never look twice or make rude comments at people with screaming kids cuz i've already had my fair share of incidents and I'm sure there are many more to come...hang in there!!

  2. Anyone who takes that attitude clearly has no experience with children, and therefore has no right to pass judgment anyway. What a witch. Especially when it's two *little* kids!