Friday, May 8, 2009

Christian's new routine

Not a fun one.
Every night this week he has woken up at 3 Am to eat and to have me read a book and play. He then goes back to sleep. I want to let him cry it out instead of getting him but that means we need to convince Catherine to move back into her room (something we planned on helping her do when she turned 5 by making it a big deal that she was 5 and needed her own room).


  1. boy, oh boy...

    Ava's woken up each night for weeks too... wants water or something's not right with her room. I want to let her cry it out too, but whe WILL not stop... she'd cry for hours if i let her... and yes, i've let her safely cry for one hour once.

  2. At 3am to EAT??? My goodness. Growth spurt?