Friday, May 8, 2009

Funny Catherine Story

So this morning when I dropped off Catherine at school her teacher (who seems to really have grown fond of her these past few months) passed on a conversation that her and Catherine had the other day while lined up outside waiting to go back in:
Catherine: Mrs Becker I cannot go to her house, I am allergic to cats and you have a cat.
Mrs. Becker: well Cath (that is what she has nicknamed her b/c that is what she calls her daughter Catherine) your mom and Christian can come in and you can go outside and wait.
Catherine (b/c she needs to always have the last say) Well you could just put your cat outside.

Please note...I am not really sure if she is allergic to cats. We were at a friends house that has a big furry cat along with a big shaggy carpet and after playing there for a few hours had difficulty breathing. No tests have been officially done.

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