Monday, January 4, 2010

Wow it has been a long time

Here we go:

Christian is much better with I have been off a week with him during Christmas break so that may hinder him a bit this week...however he has been doing fine with drop offs and really enjoying himself. Funny thing is that Catherine is now not liking daycare.

The kids really enjoyed Christmas this year. I think the only part of the holiday season that Christian did not like was sitting on Santa's lap. The picture is really kind of funny. He is looking at me like "what have I done to deserve this?". We did not attempt church this year. We have not been in quite some time due to my working and Catherine in hockey so I figured Christmas was not the time to attempt when there is no staff to watch the little ones (such as our loud and very active 2 year old).

Catherine is loving hockey! She is doing pretty well too. The only thing that Jason really wants to see her improve on is using both feet. She only really skates with her right foot. However this past practice she used a thing that looks like a walker and that helped her to use both feet. Jason said that with using that a little each practice that it will help her feel comfortable to use both feet all the time.

We attempted to have Catherine not wear pull ups at bed time recently. However all that led to was her and I waking up every 2 hours and not getting much sleep. She did stay dry at times when I did manage to wake both of us up every 2 hours but if there was a night that I went longer than that she woke up to wet sheets in the morning that just let to several days of laundry for me. So we went to the doctor and he wants us to try and train her bladder by measuring her urine each time she goes at home. The goal will be to have her increase what she can hold. If there is no improvement by her 6th birthday she will go on medication. I was the same as a child so this does not surprise me just makes me sad for her.

I was supposed to potty train Christian and take away his pacifier this past week while I was off of work. Neither happened. Not due to lack of him succeeding it was because I did not try. Not sure why.

Well I think that is it for now...hopefully it will not be 2 months until my next post.


  1. Yeah for Daycare for Christian... and Catherine will get back in the swing.

    I've tried a couple of times at night time with Ava... nope... wet sheets too. I hope Catherine's bladder gets bigger soon ;)

    and potty training... aiiiinnnntttt... haven't started yet with Gav either. He says 'potty' and i've gotten him on it a time or two... but the whole pushing 'it' down thing makes him giggle and that's it. Maybe by the time he's 16...

  2. Glad all is going well, and hope that you guys had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! And I hope they are both liking daycare now :)

  3. Missing when you have a moment!

  4. OMG those Santa photos were *hilarious*.