Monday, October 26, 2009

So I have switched over to 1st and 2nd shift. Last week was my first week. The kids go to my inlaws 3 days and to daycare 2 days. Catherine loves it. Christian...the verdict is still coming in on that one LOL. Tuesday he got dropped off by Jason, cried a little, slept only in the daycare teachers arms and was fine the rest of the day they said. Thursday I dropped him off and he had a major meltdown, tried escaping and finally after all that only slept for about 20 minutes at naptime but then had a fine rest of the day according to them.


  1. Sounds exactly how my two would react. But it will get better...
    and Our crew horribly misses your crew !! we need a big playdate soon... before the holiday rush-a-roni!

  2. eeks - sounds like my daycare experience has been better than yours w/Christian. I hope he is adjusting...we still cry every morning, but are only on day 4.

  3. They all adjust eventually. 5 years & 80+ babies & toddlers experience talking. ;-)