Friday, January 22, 2010


So my 2 year old destroyed his crib tent on Saturday (it is a tent shaped netted thing sold at many baby stores to keep kids in their cribs) and now he will not stay in his crib for nap time or bedtime. I had to buy this when he was 9 months old and learned to climb out of his crib. Not too long ago he learned how to unzip his crib tent and climb out but hooking the zipper around the edge bought me some time. However on Saturday as I mentioned he broke it. So I had to take it off. Now I know him climbing out shows some readiness for a bed however logistically we are not quite there. So moms grand moms aunts whomever you are that might have some tricks how do I get my boy to stay in his crib to nap and go to sleep at night???

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