Friday, July 17, 2009

Where have we been?

All sorts of places.
Catherine has attended camp for the past few weeks.
We have been at the beach for the past few weeks.
And well in less than 48 hours Catherine and I will be going to PA for a vacation (without the boys)! We will be visiting the family I was a nanny for (who is like family so really I should just say we will be visiting family) and then heading to Sesame Place for 2 days!
Christian will be with Jason at my in laws so Jason's dad can watch him during the days for us.
Speaking of Christian...I think he is rebelling us going without him. He was stung by a bee (in his diaper area) 3x, it does not look pretty. And well now he has either developed a cold or pink eye in his eye. It is not pink as of yet however there is green mucus discharging from it. I will be bringing him to the doctor (and if I cannot get an appt for the morning to the walk in clinic) to determine exactly what it is.

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  1. Your trip sounds fabulous! We'll have to plan a girl & girl's getaway someday.
    What's with our little boys?? Gavie just got over spots and now Christian is a mess?? Sheesh, i thought the boys would be easier... haha